Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Montague Projects at Type Themed Pecha Kucha Tonight

This week Buffalo is hosting "Punkt: Typecon 08", a major typography conference with an all-star line-up, including Stefan Sagmiester, Eric Spiekermann and dozens of others. I'm going to be attending the full conference. The week's events start tonight with a Type-themed Pecha Kucha Night at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. Pecha Kucha (if you haven't heard) is a presentation format where each presenter is allowed 20 slides that each will be shown for 20 seconds, the ridged structure keeps things moving.

I'll be presenting tonight along with
Rick Griffith, Mark and Jill Wisz (OtherWisz), Stephen Coles, Greg Meadows, Mark Brickey (Hero Design Studio), Shasti O'Leary Soudant, Mark Byk and Kristine Tortora (AmpersandAmpersand), Brian Maloney, and Emily Luce. I'm showing some of my graphic design work, and elements of The Stray Shopping Cart Project and To Know the Spiders. I've presented at a Pecha Kucha Night before and have gotten into trouble with the 20 second format. What happened to me (and I have seen it happen to many others), is that I either had too much to say about a slide and had to cut myself off or I would finish what I had to say in 10 seconds and then stand there in silence. Worse than the silence is when you make a stupid joke or comment to fill the void. Anyway, this time around I am actually going to take the time to prepare.

Tuesday Night, July 15
Type-themed "Pecha Kucha Night"
an Evening of Mini Presentations From Design Legends and Rising Stars
Hallwalls Cinema
8:00 pm

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