Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Re-capping 12 days at Socrates Sculpture Park

The park had 3 tents that fit over my pieces, towards the end it allowed us to work through the night in the rain and wind.

This is me in the outfit I wore every single minute of everyday I was working on this project. And due to the fact that we were still putting trim on the pieces as the opening was starting, it is also the outfit I wore to the opening.

This is me drilling air holes (for the plants) in half inch Plexiglas at 3 in the morning

This is my friend Michael Baumann, I hired him to help me build the pieces. If I had not had him with me I would have been totally screwed. Micheal is an artist, DJ, contractor, handyman and a bunch of other things, he knows what he is doing when it comes to building (I don't). He stuck with the project until the very end, working way more hours than I could afford to pay him. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

This is Michael and myself at the after party in Green Point, we had both been up for two days and were deliriously tired. Michael was actually an hour or so late to the bar because he fell asleep in his car (not while it was moving). My lips were badly cracked from being outside in the wind for days, and the sudden appearance of the sun at the opening had given me a sunburn.

Hipsters chillaxin as the opening winds down.

These are Michael's dogs (actually the one on the right is Patricia's dog). They were on the work site with us everyday.


Celia said...

Dues paid!

I can't think of anyone better for that job than Michael Baumann.

mark said...

Awesome photo essay on the build and installation. It is great to see this documented online! Super job!

Joanna said...

So it's not an urban legend. Artists really do suffer for their art. Great installation. Congratulations!