Sunday, February 1, 2009

5 Danish & 1 Austrian Poster from the Montague Family Collection

My Parents spent six months of 1975 in Copenhagen. These are some of the posters they acquired while there. I was two years old at the time, so I don't have a lot of memories of Denmark (but I do have a couple of really vague ones). As an adult I've visited Denmark on five or so occasions, and I love it. They have an amazing design history and a dedication to the bicycle that I wish the U.S. could emulate.

Designer unknown, 1975, 38"x26"
This is from a show of works from the Swedish Modern Art Museum (I think) at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is outside of Copenhagen. The graphic is, of course, a Roy Lichtenstein.

Designer unidentified, 1972, 38"x24"
Silk screened poster for a show about Norwegian stave churches at the Danish National Museum

Designed by Enturf Pink House Studio, 1975, 38"x26"
This is for some kind of Strauss performance in Vienna.

I can't read the signature of the artist, 19??, 38"x24"
These are for the Danish Railway. Unfortunately they are in pretty bad shape, the last one got wet at some point. There is a fourth in the series with rain falling on the train. My Aunt has that one, maybe someday I'll find a way to get it away from her.


Lasc said...

The designers name is Per Arnoldi.

Julian Montague said...

Thanks for the info.