Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Daily Book Graphics Project Goes On!

I just realized that I went past the official deadline for the DBG project. I'd also forgotten that I had taken a brief hiatus while traveling last spring and that I still have another 11 posts to get to 365. In any case, I am not going to stop the project. It may end up being every other day, we'll see. When I get to #365 I may have a more reflective post about the process of doing the blog for the past year. In two weeks I'm going to take another break from book posts as I will be in Brooklyn installing an indoor/outdoor installation at Black & White Project Space. More about that later, but I will say that it involves a rotten garden shed 48 portrait banners and an invented intellectual history of pest control.


Anonymous said...

I love the book cover project, it's one of my favorite web destinations. If you stop, I might have to pick it up as an homage.

Julian Montague said...

Thanks PH&G!