Saturday, March 20, 2010

Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed Opens Tonight

Don't miss it!

I have some quick snaps of the interior installation below, but don't look at them if you are coming to the show.

Secondary Occupants / Collected & Observed
March 20 – May 28 / 2010
Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 20th 6-9pm
Black & White Project Space
483 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


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Tim said...

Checked this out on Saturday after walking through the park. Great installation, all the pieces complemented each other nicely. I loved the large photos with the icon flags in the field locations.
I was curious if the book jacket design had inspired the graphics you created or if you had made the books. They were aged well, pretty convincing.

Julian Montague said...

Tim, thanks for checking out the show. The books were designed by me. I aged a lot of them by putting them in to the plastic covers of old library books. With the exception of the one that looks like a Penguin book, all of the publishers names and logos were invented by me as well. I was interested in imagining what an academic interest in animals as they relate to buildings, might look like.