Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Night

A couple of weeks ago I did a small installation for Just Buffalo Literary Center's Big Night series. Big Night combines poetry readings, food and other performances (and sometimes art). There is a story about the series in today's Buffalo News. Because nearly all of my current work is in Brooklyn, I could only put together a few elements of Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed. The readings took place on the first floor of the Western New York Book Arts Center, the art was installed in a large room on the second floor. My friend Leah Rico had a projection in the main space, I installed in the unfinished kitchen area. The domesticity of the setting fit with my theme. The installations were on view for a half hour between readings which makes this the shortest running show I've ever had. It also partially explains why my only documentation shots were taken with my iPhone camera. Thanks to Mike and Aaron for including me.

I made one new book for the installation:

I also made new versions of 7 of the books that are currently in the show in Brooklyn.

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Anonymous said...

Wildlife Incursion Into Modern Architecture...hard to believe you didn't invent that. I would wear that on a tshirt...