Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beyond/In Western NY Biennial installation at the Burchfield Penney

As I previously mentioned, things have slowed down on the blog because I was busy for the last couple weeks installing the second incarnation of my Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed installation. I've never had this much space to work with so it ended up being the biggest thing I've done to date. The whole show at the Burchfield had a curatorial sub theme (apart from the theme of the Biennial) of architecture. I was reunited with my Ecologies of Decay partners J-M Reed and Dennis Maher along with Michael Beitz, Joe Bochynski, Karen Brummund, Kyle Butler, Carl Lee, and Jamie O'Neil. I'm biased but I think all of the work in the show is fantastic, I'll post some images of the other work soon. The opening on Sunday was great, there were over 1000 people in attendance. Thanks to everybody who came out and thanks to everyone at the Burchfield Penney for making it happen.

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