Thursday, June 2, 2011

Montague Projects in "The Modernist"

I just received my copy of The Modernist from Gestalten in the mail. I knew I had some of my faux book covers/posters in the book, but I was super excited to see that I had six pages! Gestalten is such an incredible publishing house, and this book is full of amazing work. I feel honored to be included.

Make that eight pages, I just realized that there was another spread in the book featuring my cover for the Beyond/In Western New York Biennial and two of my faux record covers (Although the blue one is bizarrely cropped). It's a bit weird, my "fake" and "real" graphic design together.


Jil Casey said...

Congratulations, it must be exciting; your work looks great!

Julian Montague said...


Crosby Kenyon said...

They're all good. I didn't realize at first that they are made-up. "Intuition and Pest Control?" Yikes!

Julian Montague said...

The books are part of this project: