Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Life, a powder coated frame

I had an old frame of mine powder coated taxi cab yellow. It is a pretty profound transformation. I'll post the finished bike when the build is done.


Lonnie Summerall said...

Were you the one who coated the bike’s frame? You did quite a good job! I hope you stripped off the paint, and prepare its surface by sand blasting. And for the final step, the powder coat application. Make sure to coat the whole frame so that there will be no room for rust to surface.

Lonnie Summerall

Anonymous said...

Very nice job! were you satisfied with the way it came out? Was it challenging?

Anonymous said...

It was really a great job. Transformation was unbelievable. The yellow color suits for the frame and of course the powder coating will resist the frame from corrosion and rust.