Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seriés Aphōnos Covers

I am designing the covers and overall look for Seriés Aphōnos a sub-label of Berlin's Bronze Rat Records. The first two releases (Solex and Gemma Ray) arrived at my door a couple weeks ago. It's really satisfying to have my hands on the finished product. There are more releases in the works. 

This is how Seriés Aphōnos describes itself:
Seriés Aphōnos is a new music library which focuses on left-of-centre musical meanderings, soundtracks, and strange treasures from hidden corners. Seriés Aphonos records give full imagination start-up when played on a stereo record player. Whether originally accompanying moving pictures or not, the result is the same. The series features highly distinguished writers and musicians from the field, giving you a consistent and trustworthy source for musique pour l’ image. If you have doubts and wish to avoid excessive cortical stimuli, remove the stylus and consult your dealer.

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