Monday, January 19, 2015

Bird Captures at BT&C Gallery in Buffalo

My current show is up at BT&C Gallery in Buffalo. Check out the closing performance if you are in Buffalo on the 29th. This is our blurb:

Bird Captures is a photography and sound installation comprised of two related projects by artist/photographer Julian Montague and violinist/composer David Adamczyk. 
Bird Photography (Attempts) 2004-2014 For a decade Julian Montague has been photographing birds without a telephoto lens or any other specialist equipment. Each of the 90 prints on display feature the species name and the number of attempts (shots) made in the effort to document the bird. In some of the photographs the artist is observing the birds from a great distance, in others, the bird is reacting to his presence. The series is an attempt to document the fleeting quality of wildlife encounters and an exploration of the persistent human desire to take possession of animals through documentation and species identification. 
David Adamczyk’s interest in musical transcription from recordings of virtuosic playing styles of various world traditions and a fascination with exploring the full sonic potential of his instrument led him to begin transcribing real-world sounds for performance on the violin. In these exercises the difference between original sound-source and the musical result of performing the transcriptions serve as the compositional substance. Flying Mobiles consists of a number of short modular works for violin that attempt to capture the complexities of birdcalls, calling upon unconventional modes of sound production and extreme virtuosity to emulate the increasingly uncommon songs of nature. Recordings of Flying Mobiles will play as part of the installation, Adamczyk will perform live in the gallery on 1/3, 1/13, and 1/29.

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