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I found this recently in a local thrift store. It seems overly optimistic about the power of the individual.

Daily Book Graphics #925

©1974 / Design: Lynn Sweat

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Changes to the Layout

Blogger has been making some changes to the interfaces and I'm making some changes to the layout of this blog. I've changed the template which is going to allow me to make the images bigger. Also, if you go HERE, you can see this blog as a dynamic thumbnail grid, it's pretty cool. You can see it any time by typing "/view/flipcard" after the URL.

Montague Projects in "Typography Sketchbooks"

I'm happy to tell you that I have work in Steven Heller and Lita Talrico's book, Typography Sketchbooks. The book is packed with heavy hitters (Art Chantry, Ivan Chermayeff, Milton Glaser, Erik Spiekermann), I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing in their company! When asked to contribute for the theme of typography sketchbooks, I decided to use the notes and files from the design process for the Frazer/Montague Design logo. The first spread is from an actual notebook and the second is one of the sprawling Illustrator documents I generate when I am trying out different directions for the design of a logo. I might have been a little too honest, a lot of the work in this book looks like finished work that involves typography. Also, they don't show my final design, for the logo (below), but that's OK, the reader basically gets a sense of it from the first spread.

Daily Book Graphics #921

©1963 / Design: Larry Ratzkin

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Daily Book Graphics #920

©1973 / There is a credit on the back that appears to be for the photograph: Horst Ehricht

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Daily Book Graphics #919

©1970 / Design: Robert Napolitano / Photo: Paul Fusco

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Some Recent Client Work

Poster / 11x17

Poster / 11x17

Poster / 13x19

Print Ad - Artforum Magazine / Client: Stuart Shave Modern Art

Booklet Cover / Client: Just Buffalo Literary Center

Daily Book Graphics #918


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Secondary Occupants at UWAG

I spent last week at the University of Waterloo (Canada's M.I.T.) installing my Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed project at the University's art gallery. The show is up until December 17th. Check it out if you are passing through the Waterloo/Kitchener area. Thanks to everyone at UWAG and the students and faculty in the art department. 

Daily Book Graphics #915 / The 1000th Book Cover!!!

©1966 / Design: Jane Bedno

This is the 1,000th book cover I have uploaded for the Daily Book Graphics project! If you include the non-cover book graphics it's the 1,628th image.

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