Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ice & Snow

It started to snow on Friday afternoon and did not stop until very early Sunday morning. The overall accumulation seems to be about 18 inches. I love winter weather, so I am always hoping for a snowstorm. Despite Buffalo's reputation for heavy snow, getting a foot or more all at once is a relatively rare event. In general I think people complain about snow too much. I realize that it is somewhat inconvenient, but the way that it can utterly transform the visual landscape in a matter of hours is a phenomenon that should be appreciated. What I find most irritating is that local newcasters constantly make value judgements about the weather. They generally seem to think that any rise in temperature is good and any drop is bad. I would rather have cold weather temperatures and crisp clean snow than have it be 37 degrees and slush.

picture is of me, circa 1976, on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo Credit: John Montague. Contemporary frozen photos here.