Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Afternoon in Toronto

We went to Cambridge, Ontario on Wednesday to pick up my work from the gallery where I was in the group show Site Visits. After the pick up we went on to Toronto for the afternoon. Unfortunately, we spent a lot of time in heavy traffic and ended up getting there too late to see any of the galleries I wanted to visit. We wandered around the Queen St. West area for a few hours.

I'm surprised that no one has ever sent me an image of the patio at Supermarket, a bar on Augusta Ave.

We stopped in to Magic Pony, a great gallery/store that specializes in character driven art and toy design. The best thing there was this chair by Tania Sanhueza. The person working there told me that you can have her come to your house to sew mushrooms into your ripped upholstery.

On the way home we saw a giant Mr. Peanut beside the highway, it turned out to be a hot air balloon.

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