Monday, March 2, 2009

Daily Book Graphics on Flickr / I Need Glasses

I have been putting the Daily Book Graphics images into a Flickr set, there is an icon in the sidebar that provides a link. I've been trying to put together the posts a few days ahead so that there is a buffer if I get too busy on a given day. It has been less than two weeks but I think I can manage to do this for the whole year. I'm looking forward to seeing the Flickr set grow.

Anyway, on another subject, I found out last week that I am nearsighted and I need glasses. I wasn't too surprised, I had noticed that my left eye was fuzzier than my right, and that both my eyes seem to get easily strained. Apparently, this is the age (I turn 36 this month), when the eyes change. I pick up my new specs in the middle of the week.

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