Wednesday, May 27, 2009

William Lamson at Pierogi

The artist and his ceiling fan drawing machine

A drawing in progress

Items traded for drawings

I took a walk around Williamsburg on Sunday to look at the hipster fixed gear culture in full bloom and to see what else was new. At Pierogi I found artist William Lamson doing this:

From May 22-May 29, Lamson will work in the gallery making drawings with a device that consists of a ceiling fan, string and a marker. Visitors are invited to look through a flat file archive of this work and offer him something in exchange for a drawing of their choice. The traded item will become part of a collection of unique objects on display in the gallery, and anything that is not already in the collection may be offered as a trade.

I traded him a little Japanese vending machine key chain character for a drawing. He has been documenting the project on his blog here. He will only be making drawings and trading for the next two days, so if you are in NYC you should head over there and make a trade.

Opening Reception Friday May 29th, 7-9pm.
The show also features : Automatic and Hunt and Gather
PIEROGI Brooklyn, 177 North 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY

This is the drawing I picked


mark said...

The studio is called pierogi..? nice.

Julian Montague said...

Yeah, it was the first gallery of note to open in Williamsburg