Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UpArt/Rooms of Wonder at the Gladstone

I was in Toronto last week from Tuesday to Sunday participating in UpArt at the Gladstone Hotel. I was there thanks to Hallwalls and John Massier who curated me into the show. The Gladstone is a boutique Hotel that uses its second floor exclusively for art installations and exhibits. I've been to a number of really cool art and design shows there over the last couple of years. I re staged my Abandoned House/Decay Community/Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed that was part of the Ecologies of Decay show that just ended in Buffalo. I had a much smaller space in which to intstall, but I was happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately, despite being part of the Toronto Art Fair, attendance was lower than everyone expected. The weather played a part, it rained from Wednesday until Saturday, and on Friday night, just as the big opening party was about to start there was a blackout that lasted for an hour. But a good number of people passed through the space, and there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for the work. It was also nice to spend time in Toronto, I took my bike with me which was really liberating. Normally when we go up we basically trudge up and down Queen St. but this time I got to see a lot more of the city.

The real show stopper was Cologne based artist Achim Zeman's installation in the foyer/hallway

Achim Zeman

Hallwalls curator John Massier and artist Jennie Suddick having a conversation during the blackout.

Drinks by flashlight

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