Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Business of Art

I had a good week in New York working the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair with Black & White Gallery. There was a lot of interest in the books, I sold quite a few. Usually artists don't hang around their work as much as I do, but I find that it helps to be there, I end up meeting a lot of interesting people, and seeing old friends. It helps make up for not living in NYC. But the best part of being there this time was that I met David Byrne! I saw this guy taking a picture of one of my books, so I asked him if he had any questions, then, as I started to talk about my project I realized who he was. He seemed genuinely amused by the covers. It was pretty weird to be talking about what I do with such an icon.

Black and White Gallery's booth at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, featuring Isidro Blasco, Alicia Ross, Shimon Okshteyn and myself.

Pulse party at Le Bain@ The Standard Hotel, amazing views of the city in all directions.

Flemish Masters, That's Life at Andrea Rosen Gallery

Jen's bunny

Slow but pleasant train ride home. On the way down I saw a coyote standing alone in a snowy field. On the way back I saw a beaver swimming parallel to the tracks in a flooded field.

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