Friday, March 11, 2011

Secondary Occupants in Frieze Magazine and Vogue

I just found out that my installation was mentioned favorably in Frieze Magazine's review of the Beyond/In Western New York Biennial by Steven Stern. The quote:

"Julian Montague’s droll Secondary Occupants Collected and Observed (2008–9) is a nutty mixture of graphic design and taxonomic brio, a multi-dimensional catalogue of non-human home invaders – rodents, birds and insects – that suggests the work of a deranged but thorough researcher."

The whole review is here, you have to register to view the contents but it's free and worth it, Frieze is one of the best art magazines. Secondary Occupants here.

Also, I finally got a hard copy of the issue of Vogue Italia that uses one of my spider banner photographs, apparently it takes forever for Vogue Italia to find its way to the Barnes & Noble in Buffalo. Between Beyond/In Western NY, the show at the Norton Museum, and my presence at the Pulse Fair in Miami I have had a pretty good few months as far as press goes. In addition to Frieze and Vogue Italia, my work has been mentioned in Art in America, The Miami Herald, Art Daily and The Buffalo News.

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