Saturday, July 30, 2011

To Toronto and Back by Bicycle

I biked from Buffalo to Toronto on Wednesday. It was 112 miles door to door. That's the longest I have ridden in one day by far. It took 8 hours and 40 minutes of actual riding and 11.5 hours overall (I spent an hour swimming in the lake). I rode back yesterday (Friday), taking a partially different route that was 105 miles in 8 hours, 11 overall. I found that the first third of each ride was the worst, both physically and psychologically, after that you get into a rhythm that feels normal. Unfortunately because I was spending a whole day in Toronto (I had a friend's art opening to go to), I had to bring a lot of stuff, heavy lock and cable, another pair of shoes, a change of clothes, a small messenger bag, etc. It would have been nice to travel a little lighter.

Port Colborne, Ontario, on Lake Erie

Swimming near Hamilton, on the way to Toronto

View from Missasauga

CN Tower, toy lens, Lumix GF2

Swimming near Hamilton on the way back to Buffalo

Lake Ontario, Oakville


Stonecat said...

I think the principal of keeping your bike as light as possible applies. Lose the fenders, reflectors, wear a camelback instead of water bottles, and pack as much into a backpack as feels reasonable. This way your muscles need to do less work to move the bike. I recognize Gears bike shop in the mirror pic - bought some stuff there, mountain biked with them a bit like ten years ago, also recognize Lakefront Park area. Mississauga typo ;)

Julian Montague said...

I disagree about the weight issue. When you are going long distances you want to be carrying the weight on the bike not on your body. I'm going by the Randonneur principles in which comfort trumps weight, and fenders keep you dry and thus more comfortable.