Monday, June 16, 2008

Jacques Dutronc

I am not an expert on 60s French Pop, but I love it, I have around 350 songs from the period and I need more. That being the case, I was excited to find some French 45s yesterday at a used record/book store. One of them was the one pictured above by Jaques Dutronc, I was aware of Dutronc from his incredible song Le Responsable which was on the soundtrack for the movie CQ (not very good). After doing a little internet research I realize that there is a lot more to learn about this dude.

Of course, YouTube now allows you to see all sorts of performances that would have previously been obscured by time and geography, So check out this 1966 Dutronc "video" type performance, it's amazing:

Here he is filling in for Serge Gainsbourg
doing Comic Strip with Jane Birkin (that is some small dress):

And here is the
L'Hotesse de l'air, the song on the 45 above:

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