Monday, June 30, 2008

Apocalypse Niagara Street / I Hate Amatuer Fireworks

The people in my neighborhood go nuts with the fireworks on and around the 4th of July (fireworks are illegal here). Last year we went around the corner to watch the amateur activities from the roof of our friend's three story building. We had a bird's eye view of what ended up being a three hour blitzkrieg of rockets, fire crackers and god knows what else. It was amazing how much money had been spent on fireworks by people who don't seem to have very much money. I was also surprised that people weren't at all bored with watching the exact same pyrotechnic event happen over and over again for hours. Random explosions continued until about 3 am, some of them were so deep and loud it was hard to believe they didn't leave craters in the ground. I absolutely hate being around these kinds of fireworks.

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