Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cleveland Carts in Canada / Group show

Site Visits
July 04 - August 16, 2008
Cambridge Galleries Queen's Square and Design at Riverside Cambridge, Ontario
Opening: Friday, July 4 at 7pm

Featured artists: Adrian Blackwell, Constantin Boym & Laurene Leon Boym, Electroland, Brad Golden & Lynne Eichenberg, In-Sun Kim, John Massey, Julian Montague, Paulette Phillips, Ana Rewakowicz, Frank Shebageget, Penelope Umbrico, Boja Vasic.

Site Visits is a survey exhibition investigating the often unexpected intersection between visual art and architecture. Comprised of work by more than a dozen artists and spanning two galleries, the exhibition features photographic and video documentation, installations, drawings, multiples, and mixed media constructions that alternately address housing and public space, social policy, icons of Modernism, sites of catastrophe and the links between urban development and shelter.

I am headed to Cambridge tomorrow to install a small installation of Stray Shopping Cart pieces. I will be showing work that I made while on a 6 week residency at Spaces Gallery in Cleveland in 2005. I was there for all of January and the first half of February, it was snowy and gray almost every minute of my time there, the resulting photographs are pretty grim. I am looking forward to seeing the show, it looks to be an interesting group.

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