Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Visit to City Hall

As part of Typecon, attendees were encouraged to take a tour of Buffalo City Hall. Toby and I took the tour on Thursday, unfortunately, we were the only Type related people there. City Hall is one of the nation's great Art Deco buildings, it was finished in 1931 and was the tallest city hall in the country for a while. Wikipedia has a couple of images on it on the Art Deco page and many more on the page dedicated to the building HERE. The depressing thing about City Hall is that it was built at a time when Buffalo was twice the size it is now. It was built with the idea that Buffalo was one of the great industrial cities and would continue to be one (although some of the images of greatness are a bit creepy as it has elements that became symbols of 1930's fascism, muscle bound supermen, fasces in stone all around the Council Chamber, etc.). There is a free tour everyday at noon, it's well worth taking.

View of the Liberty building which is topped by two Statues of Liberty, not bad, eh?

View of downtown from the top of City Hall

City Hall is covered in spiders, there's also a Peregrine Falcon nest

The Council Chamber

Cousin Toby bangin' the gavel.

Squirrels in marble

Some previous Council President

The whole thing
Photo Credit: Mike Russell, frm the Wikipedia page

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