Saturday, September 27, 2008

More from the Archives

First, a correction: in looking up a few facts for this post I realized that the images I posted on Tuesday are from 1989 and not 1988.

As I wrote about in Tuesday's post, I have been scanning never-before-seen negatives from my Junior photo class. One of the interesting finds are these images of the damage done by Hurricane Hugo to Charleston, South Carolina, taken while the city was freakishly paralyzed by eight inches of snow. Hugo was the most damaging Hurricane to hit the US up to that time, later it would be surpassed by Andrew and Katrina. In December of 1989 my family drove down to our relatives' houses in Florida.
On the way we stopped to see my aunt and her family in Charleston and we ended up getting snowed in for an extra day. It is extremely unusual for South Carolina to get that kind of snow, of course the city doesn't have plows or even snow shovels. Hugo had come through in September and there was still property damage visible everywhere. What I like about these photos is that they look like they could be documenting Civil War damage.

Here is a real shot of post bombardment Charleston in 1865

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