Thursday, September 18, 2008

New York and New Haven

View of Ellis Island from the Battery Park Ritz Carlton

Fancy shoes

I was in NYC (and New Haven) Saturday through Tuesday. I went down to see my friend (and fellow Buffalo resident) Neil Wechsler accept the Yale Drama Award for his play Grenadine. Edward Albee was the sole judge for the competition and he presented Neil with the award. It was a big deal. The award ceremony was at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park which has a fantastic view of the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. When a friend and I took a cab downtown, we were puzzled by how much traffic there was for a Sunday evening. We later found out that everyone had been called into to work on Sunday to deal with the Lehman Bros. collapse. There was a reading of the play presented by the Yale Rep the next day in New Haven. The reading was great, this was the second time I had seen Grenadine read, I look forward to eventually seeing a full production.

I managed to see most of what was up in the ground floor Chelsea Galleries, as usual there was only a tiny percentage of work that interested me. I was most excited to see a show Jean Luc-Mylayne at Gladstone Gallery. I will have more to say about him in another post.

Jean Luc-Mylayne

A very Japanese looking building in Chelsea

The IAC building by Frank Gehry

Meredith Sparks' show at Elizabeth Dee was pretty cool, but I don't know what I would think if I didn't already have a deep affection for Kraftwerk, David Bowie and Joy Division.

Flight home

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