Monday, September 1, 2008

WTF I was Just Interviewed on a UK Radio Show that has 5 Million Listeners!

I just did a very short, very fast interview on BBC2's national Chris Evans Drive Time show, about my Stray Shopping Cart book. I got the email from a producer this morning, later he called, did a pre-interview and we set up the on air interview for 6:10 pm GMT. I subsequently learned that my book had been mentioned in a Guardian article about the "Oddest Book Title Prize" (I won last year). Apparently there was a picture of the cover in the print version. I guess they are doing a weird book week on the show. I'm familiar with who Evans is, when I lived in England in 1996 he had a very popular TV show that I kind of liked. The interview went OK, like all the radio interviews I've done, I am set up to be this weirdo and then I have to quickly explain that I am an artist, it's a conceptual project, etc. In this case Evans said something like: "and now we go to an interview with Julian Montague, a guy who loved shopping trolleys so much he wrote a book about them." Needless to say that's not how I prefer to frame my artistic practice. But I'm not complaining, he was way nicer than the BBC World Service team that interviewed me last year, no one does dismissive like the BBC news. I find it kind of surreal that I was just on a show with 5 million listeners.

This is Chris Evans

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