Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Fairs

We got back from Miami yesterday afternoon. We had a good time and saw a tremendous amount of art. I skipped the Miami/Basel convention center (A.J. went), but we both attended NADA, both Aqua Fairs, Art Miami, Photo Miami, Scope, Art Asia and the Art Positions Containers on the beach. It all gets a bit repetitive after a while. Most people seem to feel the need to judge fairs as a whole, this one was good, that one was bad, yadda yadda. I have a hard time looking at the fairs that way, I basically just try to to remember individual artists that I like. I will, however, say that the containers were awful. The one exception was Martha Friedman's huge rubber bands in Wallspace's container (and I'm not just saying that because we are both in the Armand Bartos show, the giant rubber bands were cool). The whole thing seemed more low key than last year (Recessionista!), although I heard that Jay-Z and Shakira were among the celebrities spotted at the big fair, and that has to qualify as encouraging.

Some of the ephemera collected over the course of three days of intense art tourism

This is the dreamiest, weirdest iPhone photo I have taken so far, a cloud and its reflection on the Gulf of Mexico.

Low Rollers

View of Miami from the art shuttle as it crosses the MacArthur Causeway

The Aqua Hotel, home of the Aqua Art Fair. I had work here with Black & White Gallery. I've only been in the hotel during the art fair (each room is taken over by a gallery), but I'd really like to stay there under normal conditions sometime.

A.J.and a new friend at Aqua Wynwood.


This lucky guy snagged a hammock outside the NADA fair. It was a very pleasant scene in the NADA garden. While we were sitting there drinking beer, Brian Eno's Here He Comes from Before and After Science drifted out of the sound system.

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