Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Off to Miami

I'm going to Miami tomorrow for the art fairs. Black & White Gallery (which represents me) will be at the Aqua Fair with a couple of my spider pieces. This will be my fifth trip to the Miami Fairs, it's always fun, exciting, and a little appalling. In terms of weather and economics, the contrast between Buffalo in December and Miami Beach is almost surreal, I like the strangeness of travelling from one to the other. Unfortunately the mood is going to be less exuberant this year due to all of the economic problems. Colette can't go this time so I'm going with my friend and fellow B-lo artist, A.J. Fries. I won't be posting again until Monday or Tuesday.

Flying over Miami Beach, heading home (2005)

Flying over Coney Island, which seems like Hoth in comparison

Brunch at the Sagamore Hotel, the two identically dressed people are a strange art couple (man and woman) who are always dress the same. I don't know their names.

This is the trunk of a car, wholesome Miami style

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