Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday was a Strange Day

Yesterday was a strange day for weather, the morning was nice and sunny but in the afternoon we experienced a series of powerful bursts of rainfall. One of them was accompanied by strong wind gusts that knocked over trees and drove the rain horizontally into the side of the house. Apart from the weather the high point of my day was finding a taxidermy Canada Goose at a garage sale for only $20. It is a bit ragged but still fairly majestic. I'm going to hang it high up in our foyer where it can fly above the taxidermy Bobcat, duck and crocodile.

Temporarily hanging in the studio

Wind damage in Front Park

Rain falling off the front porch roof

Rain over Fort Erie, Canada

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ましゃき/Masaki said...

Hi, i love your blogs and your photos, and checking it.
In Japan, also has rainy seasons during end of May~July, and sometimes storms called "Guerirra storms", so it's too difficult to seek when is good for hanging out the laundry.
But Storm clouds are strange and beautiful...