Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #180 / Monkees Go Mod

I have a lot of sympathy for The Monkees, it's easy to dismiss them as the ultimate fake/commercial band, but 40 years out, the fake counter culture seems more interesting than the official version of the 60's that has been drummed into our skulls forever. I watched Monkees re-runs as a child in the mid 1980s, I think it put the idea in my head that bands were supposed to live in the same house, I'm still disappointed that most don't. In any case, this book, published in 1967, is kind of great, it borrows liberally from Dada collage which results in some very weird imagery. The book was designed by Barney Etengoff and (associate designer) Bob Prestopino, I haven't tried to look them up yet, but I would be interested to see how a project like this fit into their graphic design careers.

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