Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Miami Art Fairs / Road Trip

I spotted this in a Home Depot parking lot in St. Augustine.

Blogging has been and will be slowed down for a little while because I'm on a Florida road trip until December 13th. The main reason for the trip is to attend the various art fairs going on in Miami from the 2 through the 5th. We are also visiting a number of relatives around the state of Florida. We are thrifting as we go so I'm hoping to find a ton of great new stuff for the blog. I'm also planning on doing a lot of scanning of my Grandfather's books in St. Petersburg.

If you are in Miami, I'm showing, my faux books with Black and White Gallery at the Pulse Fair and I have two pieces at the Aqua Art Fair (at the hotel) that are part of a William Brovelli project about contracts with Horse Trader Gallery. I'll be posting more about all this later.

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