Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Things About Cycling

This picture of me taken by Charles Lewis appeared today in the Buffalo News as a small picture announcing the weather section with the caption, "Sunday trek: Julian Montague of Buffalo rides his bicycle on an overcast Sunday in Buffalo’s Delaware Park." I was watching a Cyclo-cross race that was being held in the park. It was pretty cool and the yellow tape marking the 2 mile zig-zagging course would have been quite effective as an art installation.

The bike I use for city riding is a 2009 Raleigh One-Way (single speed 42t –16t) [my touring bike here] I've made some changes, adding long metal fenders and creme colored tires. Unfortunately, for ergonomic reasons I had to ditch the Brooks saddle that comes stock on the bike, a somewhat severe aesthetic sacrifice. I tried to ride a little of the course after the races but the mud was like a kind of paste, after a few minutes so much of it got jammed between my fender and tire that the wheel stopped turning.

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