Saturday, November 6, 2010

Recent Work

these are some of the pieces I have designed over the last couple months.

Poster 11x17

Poster 11x17

©2010 / University of Michigan Press / Design and photography by me

postcard 5x7

Program booklet cover 8.5x5.5

11x17 inches


CTA said...

I really love what you've been doing with design and with the book posts, how you're well!

CTA said...

oops, CTA is me, jon gitelson

Julian Montague said...

Thanks Jon! Any chance you'll be in Miami this December?

Mark said...

I love how you tied in your book cover design from "City on the Edge" to the "Imagining Buffalo's Waterfront" poster. That Moya poster is bad ass as well.

I have followed your design work for the last couple years. Coming across your works helped push me from urban planning to graphic design and even though I no longer live in Buffalo, I keep looking at your works for ideas and inspirations. Keep up the great work.

Julian Montague said...

Thanks Mark! It's great to hear that kind of feedback.