Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Long Build

The state of my pieces as of Monday (day four)

Jade Townsend & Michael Peterson, these dudes are ahead of the game

The view from the shore of Socrates Sculpture Park during Monday's relentless rain.

View of the congested BQE from a borrowed pick-up truck

For me, there is always a low point in the process of installing a show. Sometimes it comes when the opening is 24 hours away and it seems like there is no way I can finish on time, sometimes it is brought on by frustrating technical problems, and sometimes I just start to think that I am crazy for putting so much energy into an activity that is, on one level, ridiculous.

I have not yet hit that point in my Socrates installation, but yesterday was pretty frustrating. It rained the entire day and a trip to borrow a friends pickup truck and buy plywood at home depot turned into a five hour odyssey. I have a feeling the low point is going to be related to either the painting of the exteriors of the pieces or to the trouble I am having procuring the amount of soil I need to fill the boxes.