Monday, April 21, 2008

Stray Shopping Carts at Socrates Sculpture Park

Later this week I'll be heading to NYC to build three large shopping cart pieces at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. My plan is to re-stage situations where damaged shopping carts have transitioned to B/21 Naturalization. I'm going to build three 6'x6'x6' boxes, half wood, half Plexiglas that will be open to the elements and contain living plants. There will also be the kind of trash and debris you would normally find at such scenes. I am hoping that the plants will grow in and around the carts as the Summer progresses. The timing of this project is both good and bad, the fact that is overlaps with my solo show at Black & White Gallery (June 5 - July 12), is great, but getting both shows together at once is somewhat stressful. I'm hiring a friend to help me build the Socrates pieces (I have a grant that covers this), if I had to do it on my own it would take forever.

I've been checking out the work of the other artists involved, and it looks like it is going to a pretty cool show.

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