Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Fantastic Purchases from Japan

I bought the above figures in Akihabara, the nerd district in Tokyo, last week (the top one is 5" tall and the bottom one is 2.5" high). On top is Pestar, a monster from the Ultraman TV series. Ultraman was a show with the exact same aesthetic and production values of the Godzilla films. When I first saw the Pestar figure I was hoping he was some kind of mushroom, but apparently he is conjoined starfish twins with a bat's head, who lives in the sea and devours oil. I could find almost no references in English to Pestar on the web, but the ones I did find, seemed to think that he was one of the lamest Ultraman monsters ever.

The second monster should be easily recognizable to any culturally literate person, it is Gamera the 200 ft long, jet powered turtle. Gamera was introduced by the Daiei Motion Picture Company to rival the success of Godzilla. I've always liked Gamera, even though I have probably only ever seen half of one movie. What got me was a scene where a boy and girl in school uniforms are watching Gamera fly overhead and the little girl yells "Gamera's my boyfriend!" This trailer tells you what you need to know.

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