Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #45 / Atomic Energy

These images are from A Grosset All-Color Guide: Atomic Energy published in 1970. I previously posted illustrations from A Grosset All-Color Guide: Computers at Work here. The book is packed with great illustrations, but what struck me was the number of depictions of nuclear power plants. This is the kind of thing you would want to feature in a book about atomic energy, but it doesn't seem that informative to have so many straight forward architectural illustrations. There are probably five more in addition to what have included here. This must have been right before they started building plants with the huge cooling towers, they are nowhere to be found in the book.


Neo said...

I am for nuclear power (atomic) and that was about the first thing I noticed on these pictures, the absence of cooling towers. I met (years ago) a girl through a friend, and was talking with her dad, the Moscow power plant here in Cincinnati Oh was just beyond his back yard. Jokingly I asked "so how do you feel about nuclear power?" lol
the plant has been transfered to coal since that time.

Juan Bernal said...

is it me or does the last picture here look a bit like disney's epcot?
just saying.