Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #50 / Birds of East Africa

I have a small but growing collection of Field Guides. I look for them in used book stores and at garage sales, it would be easy to buy many of the books I'm looking for on Ebay, but that seems too easy. One of the things I like about these old guides is that sometimes the previous owner has checked off the birds they have spotted. The Birds of East Africa, is full of check marks. I like the idea that the book, that I now own, has been carried to the other side of the earth and thumbed through in the presence of the birds it depicts. I have posted some of the covers from this collection in the past but I'm going to do a little bit of recycling to get them into the Daily Book Graphics Project, nobody was reading back then anyway.

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Pyzahn said...

These are fabulous. At first I loved the ones with large beaks. Then I decided the black birds were the coolest. But, nah, look at the color on the other ones.

I do the same thing with horticultural and flower books. But mine don't have drawings this lovely.

Great blog!