Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #58 / The DVD of the 1960's

In the days before VHS and DVD the only way to revisit a film you had seen was to buy a book of the script with pictures. L'avventura was published in 1969, the film came out in 1960, I am Curious (Yellow), was 1968, the film was released in 1967. I haven't seen L'avventura, but I recently watched I am Curious. It is interesting as a piece of unorthodox filmmaking and as a document of Swedish culture on the cusp of change. It was very controversial at the time for the sexual content, of course by 2009 standards it seems pretty tame. In 1970 the film was the subject of an obscenity case in Massachusetts that went all the way to the Supreme Court. It was ultimately deemed to not be obscene.

I love this logo for Evergreen Black Cat Books from the L'avventura cover. Both books were published by Evergreen, an imprint of Grove Press

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