Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #46 / Fred Troller

This cover was designed by Fred Troller. I hadn't heard the name until I came across this book, but after looking into it a little I realized that I had seen Troller's work many times before. He was a Swiss designer (born in 1930) who spent most of his career in New York. Massimo Vignelli said that ''His designs successfully combined Swiss rigorousness with American vitality.'' Unfortunately Troller died in 2002, Steven Heller wrote the NYT obit. The above book was published in 1972.

I found a post on the blog TPW that links to an article in PDF form about Troller. The covers below come from that piece.


Meret said...

I am always pleased to find my father and his work have not been forgotten.

Thank You,
Meret Troller

SouthernYankee said...

Fred was my first Design professor at Alfred University, and some of the "Fred-isms" still ring in my ears when I'm designing -

"What is that bastard font?!"

"Design is not precious." (something I think of constantly when I'm afraid to deconstruct and start again.

He was an amazing designer and unforgettable man!

lm said...

Fred Troller was an amazing designer and one of those teachers you will never forget. As a female student in his male dominated design world, I must admit I was pushed beyond what I felt comfortable with. To this day, I cannot thank him enough for that.

Blog1111 said...

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