Monday, June 8, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #107 / The Wonders of the Human Body

As we have seen in the past (DBG#60) books that show the insides of children can be creepy, and this one is off the charts. The only date on the inside is 1954 but the kid on the cover has a late 60's–70's hairstyle while all the kids on the inside have crew cuts. In any case, the book clearly represents the attitudes of 1954, there are no illustrations of girls at all, and the genitals and the terminus of the digestive track are ignored entirely. Check it out, it's a closed system:


Amber King said...

Creepy, indeed! Interesting angle they chose for the foot bone overlay on p. 38.

Julian Montague said...

Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have said that the genitals were ignored entirely.