Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily Book Graphics #100 / Monograms

I don't recall where I found this 1927 book, but clearly it had spent a lot of time in a moldy place. It contains some useful guidance and nice examples of the Art Nouveau style.

I found this slip of paper in the book, at some point someone was trying to design a monogram for the initials M.F.F. I wonder when these were drawn 1935? 1970? we'll never know.


Kitty Shepherd said...

What a nice book, I would like to own this one. I don’t normally blow my own blog trumpet but check out my “transmission test cards” I think you would like them. I started writing about them in April, have you got anything on this type of TV graphics?

tiger lily said...

those are beautiful! i've always thought my initials would look good as a monogram..

Julian Montague said...

Kitty, I checked out your test patterns, very cool. I haven't come across any TV graphics in my collection but I'll keep my eyes open.