Monday, June 22, 2009

Found Slides / Goodbye Kodachrome

About seven years ago I came across a large batch of slides at an Amvets thrift store. They were in nice metal slide boxes that I wanted for storing my own slides (until about three years ago artists were expected to send out images of their work on slides). I now use those boxes to store my spider vials. I took a quick look at some of the slides but I never really conducted a full inventory, I decided to pack them away and deal with them later. I came across the box of slides when we were cleaning the attic for a garage sale last week. I thought it might be interesting to post some of them on the blog.

It's depressing that these pictures would be donated to a thrift store. It's sad that nobody cared about them but I suppose it's worse to think that maybe anybody who would or should care is dead. But here they are, slivers of somebody's life launched into cyberspace. I'll be posting more from this collection soon.

Most of the pictures document social events, travel in the Northeast, and domestic scenes and settings. Some of them are quite well composed. They look to be from the late 1940s/early 1950s but maybe a reader who knows something about the history of clothes can pinpoint it more accurately. It's funny that just as I was getting ready to scan these Kodachrome negatives I hear the news that Kodak is discontinuing Kodachrome film.

Rainbow over an unidentified land

It's hard to see unless you click to enlarge it, but on the left side of the window there is the profile of a woman wearing glasses.

Unfortunately this one is badly out of focus, I like the composition.

twin marriage beds


Amy Greenan said...

Wow, those are gorgeous -- like film stills! That was a wonderful find. If you ever don't want them anymore, I'd be glad to be their caretaker!

Thanks for posting these.

Burke said...

the last three images are wicked.
I feel there is such great 'friction' to slide film.
see you again, soon.